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Founded out of Fergus Ontario, we provide quality, locally crafted picnic tables that are hand-built by high school student Koen Ashdown.
Built with 2 1/4 inch solid pine boards atop a high strength steel frame, our picnic tables use top quality materials. Our tables are finished to the highest quality, helping them withstand the tests of time!

Perfect for your Home or Business

Need a table for your backyard picnics or family gatherings? How about the public space at your business?
Our picnic tables are available in both 8 and 12-foot lengths, making them perfect for any area!
Do you need something different? Let us know when you place your order, and we’ll try to accommodate the size you need! We can do custom sizes ranging from 5 to 12-foot lengths.







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    For orders with multiple tables sizes, please select custom and then indicate the number of each table size you would like in your message.

    For orders with multiple tables we will ask for a deposit before we start any work on the order